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Ask a Question How to find the people by using their phone number? Asked about 4 years ago by Badri. Featured Answer. Each user sets the privacy for email addresses and phone number on their account. If you are not in the audience then Search results will not include the account when you try searching by email address or phone number. How helpful was this answer? Ad Choices. And since there's no registration required, you can start searching as much as you want in no time. Overall, ZabaSearch has enough information to tell you where someone lives and how to get ahold of them.

But beyond that, you won't get too much information. When you search for someone, you'll get a list of people and the option to view their "full profiles. You can even get directions to their home. On the main results page, you'll see an option to find "more information" for the person, including another phone lookup, public records or property records. When you choose those options, you'll be brought to the website of Intelius, ZabaSearch's parent company, where you can pay to access that information.

ZabaSearch doesn't say exactly where it collects its information, but the service's site does say that it collects it from a "broad variety of public record sources. In the simplest method, you would search for the person's name. You can also choose to limit your results to particular states. So, if you know that someone you're looking for lives in New York, you can simply input their name and "NY" on the ZabaSearch homepage, and you're good to go.

Alternatively, you can search by a phone number. Marriage records can be especially helpful in discovering a woman's married name, because they contain the wife's maiden name and address along with witnesses' and parents' names. Look also for the marriage license application, which may include each partner's Social Security number.

Tax records can provide another clue to someone's location.

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Every homeowner pays a property tax, which the government records. These records list the person's name, current address, and sometimes a forwarding address.

Licensing and certification boards in many states regulate certain professionals, such as real estate and insurance agents, attorneys, and doctors. If your target needs a license to run a business, the state licensing agency can give you a business address and phone number.

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Try the county or state fishing and hunting license department. License applications contain the applicant's full name, date of birth, and address. Dog licenses, building permits, and boat, car, or airplane registrations are other sources. The FAA can provide you with a copy of someone's pilot's license, which includes an address. To get this information, you need a name and birth date or Social Security number.

To use this service, contact:. Box Oklahoma City, OK Because almost everyone gets a traffic ticket at one time or another, check the county court records.

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Traffic tickets will not only list someone's name and address, but also date of birth and driver's license number. If you're trying to find someone who once worked for the federal government, you can obtain records with a Freedom of Information Act request. This information won't give you that person's home address, but it will include present and past positions and maybe locations that person held in the federal government. For more information write to:. Louis, MO Who knows?

If you find a criminal before the police do, you could get yourself a reward see Figure Figure You can check to see if a friend, loved one, or enemy's name appears on The World's Most Wanted website. If the person you're looking for owns a car, try searching state vehicle registration records.

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To search the vehicle registration records, you just need your target's full name and in case of duplicate names date of birth. The vehicle registration records can give you the last known address of the person you're looking for. If that person sold the vehicle, you can use these records to find the address of the buyer, who might be able to provide some information to help you further track down your wanted person. You can also order the driver's license records from the state motor vehicle department.

These records provide a wealth of information about a person, including his or her current or last known address; height, weight, eye, and hair color; previous names, if any; and the numbers and types of currently owned vehicles. If your target has moved, driver's license records will also show the state where the person surrendered his or her driver's license.

Even if a person uses phony names, you may recognize one of the aliases. The FACS organization provides tips and resources to help journalists track down information for their news stories. If the above methods fail, try searching the death records of the person's relatives. Death records often reveal the names and addresses of a dead person's survivors and heirs.

Trace Mobile Number location, Caller Name and address | Find Missed Call details

Every state provides a bureau that tracks births, deaths, and marriages. To find the state bureau near you, visit the FACS website. These records contain more than 43 million names, and the details of everyone who has died in the United States since , the year the system was automated. The Master Death Files provide the following information about each dead person:.

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For faster access, visit a large city library, particularly a federal depository library, which will likely have the Master Death File available on a compact disc that you can access for free. Search the Master Death File for the missing person's parents. If one of them has died, the search will reveal the ZIP code where they died. Using this ZIP code, determine the town where the parent died and order a death certificate from the local county clerk or health department.

The death certificate will identify the funeral home that performed the burial or cremation. Contact the funeral home and examine their records to determine the names and possible addresses and phone numbers of the dead parent's next of kin. When you're looking for someone, always check the public records at the county courthouse or other state government building. If you're looking for a relative, this search can be quite easy because either you or other family members are likely to know specific information about a missing person, such as full name, birth date, and birthplace.

To find a birth parent, start by examining the Birth Index Records—an index of all births in a particular state, indexed by name or date. The Birth Index is usually available as a public record, whereas most birth certificates are not. If you know someone's birth date, scan the Birth Index for a list of all children born on that date. Then, eliminate all children of the wrong gender. Finally, to narrow the search to a few names, eliminate all children born in cities other than the one you're looking for. Scan through this remaining list, and you should be able to find the names of that person's birth parents.

To track down brothers or sisters, start with school records.

finding a phone number with an address Finding a phone number with an address
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finding a phone number with an address Finding a phone number with an address
finding a phone number with an address Finding a phone number with an address
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finding a phone number with an address Finding a phone number with an address

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