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Finding the Right Broadband Speed. My current broadband service is slow and it takes forever to download a movie. I want to upgrade to a faster level, but it gets expensive. How much speed do I need to stream a Netflix movie without stalling, make a video call or download a digital rental in less time than it takes to watch it?

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When calculating your speed needs, take into account all the online activities you wish to do streaming, downloading, gaming, videoconferencing and so on and check the minimum connection rates needed for each. You can usually find the recommendations listed on the websites of the companies and services you use. Video-related activities typically require more network speed and bandwidth than things like audio streaming or basic web browsing. For example, Netflix recommends a connection of at least three megabits per second for streaming video in standard definition and a connection of five megabits per second for watching high-definition content without stuttering or buffering.

If you are shopping for a new broadband company based on your video-streaming needs, Netflix posts its own speed rankings of Internet service providers each month on its blog.

As with streaming, file download speeds can suffer from general Internet and server congestion, but a connection at 25 megabits per second can let you download a six-gigabyte movie file in less than 20 minutes. If you plan to post photos or videos of your own online, a plan that offers decent data upload speeds will make you wait less for that as well. Once you have gathered your findings on the connection speeds for your preferred online services, check the packages available from local ISPs offering cable, satellite, fiber optic or DSL broadband.

For instance, if you primarily want smooth streams of high-definition movies from Netflix, get a service plan that offers at least the recommended five-megabits-per-second connection. They were tacky, annoying, and oh so glittery. And if you had a big enough collection then you probably had a glitter graphics page to show off your stash. Thank goodness we all developed some taste over the years. Did you ever use Piczo? If so, what are your memories of the site? Thanks for participating, Holly. Be sure to add your link to the collection on my November post.

Piczo is what got me interested in coding and photoshop. And it is honestly one of the reasons why I now study computer science. It was so easy and fun, and really a great platform for kids like us to learn. I remember the biggest magic of it all was when I figured out how to put an iframe object into one of my pages. Even though I did not understand that much of what I was doing or what was legal I really fell in love with making websites thanks to piczo. And yes those contests where so much fun, I was always searching for contests where the person running them had picked out some celebrity photos for you to edit.

Haha I remember using Paint Shop Pro 8 instead of Photoshop because I thought it was easier plus I knew where to download it from illegally — shame on me! I feel like Piczo got a lot of young people, especially girls, interested in coding.

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I remember those competitions that used celebrity images! Oh, yes! I think I might have some left on deviantart thet I need to delete soon. Haha, I forgotten all about that.. This was so funny to read. I never used Piczo, but I used Freewebs, and things like the glitter graphics and competitions were oh-so-popular on Freewebs too. Thank you for joining the linkup too — a lot of people have written about physical and more childhood-like things if that makes sense , but I have only come across one other post that was about something to do with the internet.

It is crazy how much the internet changes over the years. Competitions were quite funny because I remember wanting to get more users to interact with my website, so I held more competitions. I also did a song lyric competition, and that was before any of us pre-teenagers knew that you could actually search for lyrics on the internet. I remember coming across my awards on my old hard drive and I wanted to laugh at how amazing I thought some of them were.

It was like, such a big deal to have a graphic with your name on it.

A Look At Piczo And Its Competitors

I got into web design long before my high school friend, but she beat me to making a layout herself in HTML. Then she revealed that she copied the layout from another site, and I was quite pissed off because she was stealing what should have been my thunder! Probably because my HTML stills at the time were still pretty limited. Oh my goodness, Site of the Month!

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I remember setting up a poll so people could vote from the selection of people who entered but people always cheated! I wish I still had my old computer as it was full of all my Piczo graphics, including awards. It would have been so fun to look back through. I remember getting to know about Piczo on a forum. I made my first website on Piczo which all its glitter and stuff. It was so childish but then we were also kids at that time. Piczo had these Harry Potter blend contests and so much more.

These were the catalysts one staring to love computers and the world of Web technology. I remember we all made a sudden transition from. Back when I was starting out, Angelfire, Geocities, and Freewebs were the popular ones. Gosh, I remember glitter graphics vividly — in a strange way I miss them in all their tackiness.

I remember entering loads of blend contests and icon contests too, I used Harry Potter pictures until I had a dream the internet police arrested me for copyright so I used pictures I got from a Windows XP Magazine disc. I miss those early days! I miss their tackiness too!! Haha, the internet police! It took me so long to remove celebrity images from my website, even when I moved to my own domain. Seems like today is a day down memory lane!! I have heard of Piczo but was more familiar with Geocities and many others. I started out on Geocities as well, and local community sites… such as [mycity]planet and stuff like that.

Pretty funny that Facebook has overtaken that marketspace. Thanks so much for sharing this, it is definitely a fun post!

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It was such a different time in those days. I never used the website myself because I had my own hosting than I began on Geocities. I did know a lot of people that had sites there and it could be really interesting.

how to search people on piczo How to search people on piczo
how to search people on piczo How to search people on piczo
how to search people on piczo How to search people on piczo
how to search people on piczo How to search people on piczo
how to search people on piczo How to search people on piczo
how to search people on piczo How to search people on piczo

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