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Also note that the fees vary from state to state. Find out whether you are eligible to request a copy of an individual's birth certificate. Obtaining a certified birth certificate is usually restricted to the following parties: The person named on the certificate. The husband or wife of person named on certificate. The son or daughter of person named on certificate.

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The sister or brother of person named on certificate. The legal representative of an authorized person. Some states also allow for registered genealogy groups or academics to access records. Write to or electronically submit a request to the appropriate state agency. Note that many states do not offer this service online due to the availability of other services such as VitalChek.

In a written request provide the following information: Full name of person whose record is requested. Parents' names, including maiden name of mother. Month, day, and year of birth. Place of birth city or town, county, and State; and name of hospital, if known. Purpose for which copy is needed. Relationship to person whose record is requested. Day-time telephone number with area code. Also, keep in mind that your state may have further identification requirements.

They may require a copy of your social security card or a photo identification card. Wait for your new birth certificate. The waiting time for your new certificate will vary dramatically by state. If you have questions about the waiting time for your state, call the state office and ask.

Most state websites will offer an idea of what your waiting time could be. Realize that it may be difficult to find birth records more than years old. Keeping records was not in common practice until the end of the 19th century. Finding a birth certificate for someone who is over years old may be difficult.

Method 2. Fill out the proper forms. At most hospitals, these will be given to you automatically and required to leave. Oh, and you should make sure to already have a name picked out. Get a birth certificate for your baby at the hospital after having your baby there. At most hospitals, it is mandatory that you be given the birth certificate before you leave.

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If you weren't given one forthright, ask the hospital staff for a birth certificate form before leaving with the baby. If you have already left the hospital, you can receive one online or through the mail. Simply go to the website for the department of health for the state that your baby was born in. Complete the forms and return them to the appropriate department. The hospital will usually submit the forms for you. There are no fees due immediately. Make sure to give them your current permanent address, as you will be receiving the official certificate in the mail.

If you do not have a name for your baby, you can finish the form later and submit it to your local county health department. Make sure you ask the hospital how long they maintain birth records. You need to choose a name before the hospital throws away the birth record. Hospitals usually keep birth records for at least a year, though some will keep them longer.

Keep in mind that your baby will need a birth certificate to travel internationally and receive medical care.

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It is important to pick out a name as soon as you can. The hospital should also provide forms to request copies of the birth certificate later. Apply for other official documents for your baby. You may also want to obtain a Social Security number for your baby. Some states urge you to apply for your baby's SSN almost immediately. You can get a Social Security Number using the parent's vital information and a certified copy of the hospital's birth record.

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Some hospitals will provide Social Security Card application forms on site, but it is not standard practice. Ask if you can start the process there. Method 3. Complete a legal adoption through the court system. When parents offer up their legal rights to their child, the original birth certificate becomes null and void. If you are seeking the original birth certificate, the adopted child may access this after the age of Obtain the birth certificate forms from the court.

The judge should usher this process on for you. The forms are typically completed at the same time as the certificate of adoption and honored immediately. In most cases, an amended birth certificate is issued that states the adoptive parents' names rather than the biological parents' names. This serves as the only legitimate birth certificate; the original is rendered illegitimate. Carry out a re-adoption after returning to the United States if applicable.

If your child entered the U. In general, adoptions finalized abroad are recognized and legally binding in the U. That said, some individual states require you to "re-adopt. It also ensures that a certificate will be filed with your municipality's vital records department. A legal name change can also be filed simultaneously. Filing a re-adoption allows you to follow the same processes you would to obtain the birth certificate of your biological child.

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Once the re-adoption is completed, complete the steps above for obtaining a birth certificate for your child. Find your original birth certificate. Records may also be obtained through the mail in about days. The Center for Health Statistics does not accept credit cards or online orders directly. However, for your convenience, you can process online requests for Alabama vital records through an independent company, VitalChek Network, Inc.

Click on the link below to order a birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificate online:. Order a Certificate Online.

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Keepsake Birth Certificates, intended only for framing and display, may now be ordered from the Center. Learn how to place an order and view the designs on the Keepsake Birth Certificate page. The Statistical Analysis Division in the Center for Health Statistics also conducts studies and provides analysis of health data for public health policy and surveillance via the Health Statistics Data and Interactive Statistical Query System. Staff prepare various statistical analyses of natality, pregnancy, general mortality, infant mortality, causes of death, marriage, divorce and other demographic and health-related data for the state and its geographical regions.

which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate
which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate
which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate
which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate
which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate
which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate
which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate
which state agency issues birth certificate Which state agency issues birth certificate

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