Find an aol instant message ip adress

There are many discussions relating to the Internet that involve directories, such as the DNS and Napster. This essay is a general discussion about such directories. There are many types of directories on the Internet. The Internet as most of us use it works because of directories. Directories of IP addresses. How do you find a particular piece of data or a particular service on the Internet?

Well, in most cases, the data or service resides on another computer, and you need to communicate with that other computer. Communication in most systems on the Internet is between computers that communicate with each other "directly" through special routing computers and communications lines.

Those computers can get data to each other using the IP protocol that routes the data in packets addressed with IP addresses. The IP addresses are related to the routing of messages to a particular computer. Depending on various situations, a particular computer's IP address can change. For example, it may be moved to another building, or the ISP to which it is connected may change how it is connected to the rest of the Internet.

AOL Instant Messenger Server (OSCAR)

In addition, the particular computer that may be associated with what you are trying to connect to may change, so you'll need another IP address. It is actually more complicated, because the connection to the computer is broken down further into sockets, which allows for multiple services on the same computer, and a given computer may have more than one IP address, etc.

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That's complicated enough. When we choose which computer to connect our personal computer to for a particular reason we need to specify the current IP address of that computer. Because that address is not usually fixed, we usually use some means to find the address each time we want to connect or at least each day or so, or after an error. The most common means is to use some sort of directory. Once you find a particular computer, there are all sorts of ways to find the data on it.

Directories are just special-purpose servers on the Internet. Most commonly, the directories we use to find a particular computer are themselves hosted on other computers on the Internet. The way these programs work is that a connection must be made to a central server, through which communications to other users are established. This is the key to blocking these programs - deny them access to the central servers, and they cannot work.

Is It Possible To Get Someone's Ip Address Through Aim Or An Email Address???????

There are three areas to consider when trying to block the programs from accessing their 'login' servers. This method is the most basic, and used to work well before the programs got more sophisticated.

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The problem I see lately is that most firewalls do allow some outbound traffic through filter exceptions, and the newer chat programs like AOL Instant Messenger will do port scans on many ports and often find openings. If you do not feel comfortable working with filter exceptions, call in a consultant who does, or learn about filtering yourself - here's a link to my book on configuring filters and exceptions for BorderManager.

AOL Instant Messenger almost certainly will require you to use method 3 below. Messenger uses port ICQ uses a range of port numbers, defaulting to UDP destination ports , but has so many options it is almost futile to try to figure them out. All of these programs are revised often enough that you need to research each new version that comes out to see if something has changed.

Once you have blocked a direct connection, the programs must try to connect via a proxy.

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The default filters should block all of the Chat programs listed above from connecting by bypassing a proxy. But if you have opened up a port with a filter exception and dynamic NAT, some of these program may make connections through otherwise safe port numbers, like DNS! See approach number 3 in this case. Some will pick up the proxy configuration information to try from Internet Explorer settings. Blocking a connection through a proxy is generally pretty easy as all you have to do is enter the proper Deny URL rule.

The key here is to deny whatever login server is called out in the configuration options for the chat program. Some may show you a configurable entry, while others like MSN Messenger hide it. The first method should stop the usual connection routines, and the second should stop access via a proxy HTTP or SOCKS , but what if the chat program piggybacks onto a DNS proxy which ignores access rules or you have configured filter exceptions to allow outbound traffic on some port that the chat program discovers?

US8041768B2 - Voice instant messaging - Google Patents

This is where we, the all-powerful firewall admins, get evil and tricky. We must determine the IP subnet of the login servers, and use a series of static routes to reroute traffic to those subnets to the bit bucket. However, it is subject to those login servers staying on those same subnets!

If the login servers are relocated to another subnet, this method will have to be updated with new addressing information. You have their general geographical location. You want a name? You're gonna have to contact either paypal or the ISP.

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Find an aol instant message ip adress
Find an aol instant message ip adress
Find an aol instant message ip adress
Find an aol instant message ip adress
Find an aol instant message ip adress
Find an aol instant message ip adress

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