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Is there a procedure to have the safe deposit box opened? Q: My deceased relative's only assets were a small bank account and an automobile. Is there a simple way to have the assets assigned by the Court, without going through an attorney?

St. Joseph County, Indiana Public Records Directory

This procedure does not follow provisions of a will, but has a set priority of how the assets must be assigned. You will need to provide copies of funeral bill and receipts if the funeral bill has been paid. A: To file for a guardianship over a minor child, you should see an attorney. For guardianship of an adult, you can pick up a guardianship packet from the Probate Court office or request to have a packet mailed to you. This packet has a list of instructions and the necessary forms.

St. Joseph County Obituary Index

It is not an easy process and requires service of papers by you and court hearings. Q: I believe a relative is mentally ill and needs treatment. What is my first stop in seeking help for this individual? A: Probate Court holds the mental hearings, but can't start a case. The first step is to contact the St. The address of the agency is A E. Main St. Q: I have remarried, and my new spouse would like to adopt my child from a previous marriage. What should we do? A: You should contact an attorney. You should wait until you have been married at least nine months before starting the proceedings, as the adoption will not be confirmed until you have been married at least one year.

Q: I was adopted in St. Joseph County several years ago, and would now like to find out information about my birth parents.

Saint Joseph County Vital Records Agency Information

A: Adoption files are confidential. You can contact the Probate Court office and request a Release of Information pamphlet. The pamphlet outlines the procedures for obtaining non-identifying or identifying information. A: Public files include decedent estates, guardianships, and conservatorships. Adoptions and mentally ill files are confidential. The primary function of the St.

Joseph County Prosecutor's Office is to prosecute individuals charged with committing crimes in St. Responsible for planning, surveying, designing, inspecting, and maintaining public works projects, while making every effort to provide the citizens and visitors of St. Joseph County a safe and efficient means of transporting people, goods, and services. The purchasing department is responsible for generating and soliciting bids for all county purchases.

The mission of the Purdue University Extension Service is education of Indiana citizens through the application of land-grant university research and knowledge base to develop youth and strengthen families and communities. The county Recorder records any instrument submitted for recording, providing it meets the essential requirements and files Uniform Commercial Code instruments and supplies copies of any instrument and certifies those copies upon request. Providing guidance and education to the youth and adults of St.

Joseph County and administering programs to preserve, improve, and protect soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources for future generations. Learn about the Solid Waste Management District including services provided and contact information. Responsible for maintaining annexation descriptions, legal surveys, section corner records, and updating section corners to state plane coordinates.

The Thomas N Frederick Juvenile Justice Center is a multi faceted facility which houses a variety of agencies that interact with the St. Our office pledges to provide knowledgeable, efficient, friendly customer service to the citizens of St. Joseph County while responsibly handling tax monies that have been entrusted to us.

The Voter Registration office maintains rolls of all registered voters for the county, secures polling places and creates reports and voter lists for candidates. The weights and measures division works with all St. Joseph County buyers and sellers in commercial transactions.

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Pubic record st joseph county indiana
Pubic record st joseph county indiana
Pubic record st joseph county indiana
Pubic record st joseph county indiana
Pubic record st joseph county indiana
Pubic record st joseph county indiana
Pubic record st joseph county indiana

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